The Potato

Potatoes 100% from Spain

Extra Virgin Potato Chips San Nicasio are made with the sour type of non-transgenic potatoes of Spanish origin exclusively, which guarantees a maximum quality, a delicious palate and a crunchy texture, in keeping with the expectations of the most discerning consumer and connoisseur.

Patatas Catalán

Especially suitable for slow frying, the potatoes used in San Nicasio’s products meet the requirements of the most discerning consumer.
The Spanish origin ensures compliance with European food safety regulations and, at the same time it prevents problems of health and preservation associated with long haul transport.
The non-transgenic characteristic is at the same time a bonus in quality, more and more appreciated by consumers.
As soon as the potatoes are delivered, they are carefully stored at the ideal temperature under the strictest hygienic conditions.
Potatoes like those of old for a renewed and definitely exquisite product.
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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Directly from the olive oil mill

San Nicasio potato chips are made with extra virgin olive oil from the Almazaras de la Subbética (Olive Oil Mills), a cooperative that has Priego de Córdoba’s Guarantee of Origin and Quality (Denomination de Origen - the national accreditation system which regulates high-quality olive oil), cold pressed oil that is the natural juice of the region’s olives. The oil from the Almazaras de la Subbética have won prestigious international awards.

Almazaras de la Subbética
The oil used for San Nicasio potato chips comes from a blend of the picudas, picuales and hojiblancas varieties of olives, is golden green in colour, very fruity and aromatic.
Abutting the Almazaras de la Subbética, Patatas San Nicasio gets its oil directly, without the need for transport, decanting or long storage periods which could negatively affect its quality. In this way, all the organoleptic properties of the best extra virgin olive oil are intact and are absorbed in San Nicasio potato chips.
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The Himalayan Pink Salt

Flavour and millennia of purity

In the search for excellence, San Nicasio are the only potato chips in the market that use Himalayan pink salt of exceptional purity gathered from the stratum of that mountain chain and is a fraction of that vast uncontaminated ocean of over 200 million years old. Its nutritional value and delicate flavour add that unique touch of quality to San Nicasio potato chips.

Sal Rosa del Himalaya

Because of its uncontaminated and millennial nature, its crunchy and exquisite taste, subtle aroma and pleasant flavour, the Himalayan salt has become a product that the most prestigious gourmets and chefs in the world highly value.
The Himalayan pink salt is mined from the deep subterranean layers fed through infiltration of minerals from Tertiary magma. The  Himalayan pink salt, an ingredient of additional quality and prestige is added to San Nicasio potato chips.
Exceptionally rich in minerals and trace elements (its delicate pink tone attests to its rich iron content), it is at the same time a very healthysalt that all the nutritionists and food experts recommend.
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The Packaging

The best protection

To ensure that the product does not lose one iota of quality, San Nicasio potato chips are packed in a bag made of high quality material and ultra-resistant seal that preserves intact the flavor and freshness, like freshly made, supporting the harshest conditions of pressure and temperature

A package that calls attention for its elegant design, in line with the quality of the product it contains, oriented gourmet market and the finest palates. But beyond its unquestionable aesthetic value, the packaging of San Nicasio potato chips is the result of the relentless pursuit of solutions to ensure that the product reaches its destination in perfect condition, by land, sea or air and by far traveling.
All this keeps unchanged quality for long periods of time, greatly increasing the life of the product.

José Andrés by San Nicasio
San Nicasio Potato Chips and José Andrés arrived, in 2014, a cobranding agreement. Since then, and under the brand José Andrés by San Nicasio, our company entered the large market of the United States by the prestigious Spanish chef, who has nothing else to try, he decided to bet strongly on the product and packaging with his brand.

The fact of entering into a market as demanding increases our motivation to do better every day. At present, the chips Jose Andres by San Nicasio are greatly appreciated and valued by US consumers. They are, without any doubt, a key player in the consolidation of the global strategy of San Nicasio Potato Chips.

San Nicasio Extra Virgin Chips

More than a snack, a real delicatessen for cosmopolitan consumers, who appreciate the natural, enjoy traditions and health conscious. Discover a new concept of chips: tastier, healthier, crisper and more natural.


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